61 minutes / DCP / 1.78:1 / Dolby 5.1 / 2021

“What a fun idea to go around in circles on a closed road at 300 km / h.

Crazy and yet such a natural idea.

“The idea of the world”, with its chemistry (sensations), its physics (materials and strengths), its history (family and politics),

its “religion” (giving meaning to fear) …

it’s a tragedy “

Un film de Paulina Pisarek et Caroline Detournay

Musique Martin Wheeler

Maison du son Aktarus/ Mikael Barre

BABYRACER doesn’t see the track as a circle he/she/they sees it as an endless road.

He/she/they is afraid, she/he/they might get lost and never find the finish line.”

Kart Corner 2 166 grm warp G5 / Martin Wheeler

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